An unforgettable Korean experience


My second day in Korea got off to a great start as it was a balmy 25 degrees in the morning which felt like 75 after the single digits we fared walking around the previous day. It was also the day I learned that breakfast isn’t really a thing in Korea after starting the day with an ox-bone soup. Yun told me that there isn’t a huge variety of meals in Korea, mainly soups or grilling meats and that people, for the most part, eat that same types of things for each meal. You could easily have something for dinner one day and the same thing for breakfast the next. The ox-bone soup was tasty, consisting of a delicious broth that helped warm us up in the morning. Yun told me that this soup used to be a delicacy and would only be eaten on special occasions but now there are plenty of restaurants that serve it. The menu consisted of about four items and they were all some variation of the same base soup so I just went with the flow, ate my soup, and we were on our way.


Prepared to face the...