Bali Beachside Paradise


The only thing I really knew about Bali was that a lot of Instagram influencers and rich people went there for vacation. I knew it was somewhere in Southeast Asia and that it was an island that was part of Indonesia. After that it was all up in air and I really didn’t have any expectations before I decided to head there. I had several RY friends spend time in Bali recently so I knew it looked like a super cool place after scrolling through their Instagram feeds. I told Nick I’d book the AirBnB for our stay so he gave me a general area and told me to make sure it was walking-distance to the beach, so I did my best. We stayed in Canggu which is a little beach town on the coast and luckily not as touristy as some other towns close by. It ended up being the perfect spot for the first 4 days of my three week trip even though I was as clueless as anyone as I scrolled through google maps pretending I could find the “best spot”.

While I did pick a good location, I’d describe our...