Bali Musings


Below are simply my musings on Bali. I loved and enjoyed my time there and would go back again but I think it’s important to look at the impact that tourism has on small islands that lack the resources and infrastructure to keep up with the demand and investment pouring into it.

Bali is an interesting place. It is just one of thousands of Indonesian islands but to most western countries and tourists, it is more famous than the country of Indonesia itself. An economy that almost solely relies on tourism, locals must have a job that caters to it or not have one at all. It is such a diverse country, ecologically speaking, but there is almost no industry there. The main crop export is rice but the biggest use for many of the rice patties is to be a backdrop to an instagram photo. There are many famous hotels, beach clubs and restaurants but there is no infrastructure setup to support it. You can’t drink the local water even though there are lush forests and freshwater streams and...