Getting my Ocean Fix in San Diego


I had grown accustomed to seeing the ocean every day while living in Charleston. It was a short two blocks away and I’d walk down to it every morning before work. When I decided I was going to move out to Phoenix, I knew I’d be giving up my ocean views but I didn’t anticipate how quickly I’d miss it. Just a few weeks into living in Arizona, I decided to take a last minute trip to San Diego for the weekend to remind myself a bit of home by seeing the ocean. I texted a buddy from college who lives there and he had an open couch for me to sleep on so the decision was made. I didn’t have any other expectations for the trip other than seeing the ocean and spending time with a buddy who I hadn’t seen in a few years, maybe have a fish taco or two.


My family and I vacationed to San Diego several times growing up and I always loved it and considered it one of my favorite cities in the US. This would be the first time I was going in my adult life so I was excited to see the city from...