How I found/drank craft Beer in Europe


As I began my year long trip around the world, I wasn’t sure which things I could continue abroad and which I needed to drop. Back home, I love to play golf but I knew that wouldn’t be reasonable in each country I visited. I also love going to the beach but many of the cities wouldn’t have beaches. One thing I knew I could keep up with was my love for craft beer. I wasn’t sure how big it is in Europe but I knew that if I looked hard enough I could continue my hobby of checking in all the unique beers I have. Each time I have a beer for the first time, I check it in in an app called Untappd. It has become a big hobby of mine and I had racked up around 500-600 unique beers before I left for my trip.

I wanted to do a recap of all the countries I lived in and comment on the craft beer scene there.

February– Amsterdam, Paris, London- 9 unique beers.  This was my quick solo trip before Remote Year started. I had never been to Europe before so I wanted to get my...