My first 24 hours in (South) Korea



South Korea is probably not at the top of everyone’s tourist destination list when traveling to Asia. These lists probably start with the more popular countries of Japan, Hong Kong, and Thailand. And while those countries are near the top of my list as well, it made me that much more excited to spend five days in South Korea. Everyone has heard of it, sees Samsung phones and Kia cars every day but I feel people don’t really know too much about the country. I’d argue North Korea is even more well-known than their neighbor to the South, although that is mainly for bad, nuclear-program related things. Since South Korea isn’t known as a huge tourist destination, especially for westerners and in the winter, I knew it would be a challenging country to explore. Luckily for me, my buddy Yun, who was born in Korea and lived there until he was 14, was there for a few months and offered to show me around. As soon as I heard he’d be my willing tour guide, I booked a ticket from Bali and...