My musings on South Korea


South Korea is a perplexing country. The companies and brands it has produced are far more famous than the happenings within the country and it is often overlooked as a place to travel to. One of the bigger tourist activities within South Korea is to enter the DMZ zone and have a look at their neighbor to the north, North Korea, so people go to the country just to look at another. While their neighbor grabs headlines for a nuclear program, South Korea stays relatively out of the news on a normal basis. This made my trip intriguing as I didn’t have too many preconceived notions going into it. I was an unbiased visitor trying to learn more about why, at the surface, many Westerners don’t know much about the culture, food, or people. After spending four wonderful days in South Korea, I came away with several insights. My Korean musings follow.

The biggest company in South Korean, Samsung, is arguably more famous than the entire country itself. We in the US know Samsung mostly as the...