The final farewell: Balboa Out



The final farewell for our Balboa group. We survived 52 weeks together. 55 started and 44 remained on what was the craziest adventure any of us had every been on. Strangers now family, we sadly were at the end of our trip. Ten countries lived in and many more visited. Too many memories to count and so many things we will always cherish. To all my Balboa family, all the love in the world to you.

This day never seemed like it would get here. When we started, a year seemed like so long, and it was! An entire year around the world, living and working together. But as life keeps moving no matter how much you want to hold onto it, time catches up to you and for us this was the last week. Luckily for us, Mexico was a five week month so we got to get the whole experience of the city before we went through our last week dash to soak up all the Remote Year vibes that we could one last time.

We had our farewell event at a beautiful compound a couple of hours outside the city. Just us...