Why watching the Masters helped me reflect on my 8-year old self’s dream


Like many of you, I watched Tiger Woods win the 2019 Masters tournament and was excited to see him win. Being a big golfer myself growing up, I tuned in each week to watch him play and was in awe with how often he would win. He was the best in every facet of the game and was easy to look up to from a strictly on-the-course production standpoint. It was hard to believe that his last major, 11 years ago, was when I was just 16 years old. I remember that day like it was yesterday, him beating Rocco Mediate on an 18 hole playoff on Monday to win the U.S. Open and his 14th major. I, like many others watching yesterday, went down memory lane as I watched him navigate the tricky contours of Augusta National. As I watched, I reflected back on how much I’ve grown and changed in the last 11 years and came up with a few conclusions from the round that relate to business.

  1. Intrinsic motivation powers all – As much as it must have felt amazing to have his family and mother in person and to have...