Comment on Why you should travel after a breakup by Barbara-Jean Arsenault Blood


Emily: I hope it’s ok that I stopped by to visit you and read a bit of your traveling year.
I just read your Blog, I felt your feelings as I read it, I found it Heartfelt, Honest to a fault, like being stripped to the bone, Painful, Trust but not Trusting, and Healing, Learning to love yourself your beauty

A little girl growing up, thinking they’ve found Prince Charming and holding onto it so tight that you couldn’t breath, probably never having or giving yourself the chance to know anything about the most amazing women within yourself. Feeling guilty, get rid of the negative and wonder because it will eat you up., trust me on that one.
I know nothing of your life, only what I feel through your own words, and pictures, maybe you din’t know how to say, I’m not ready, maybe you gave too much of your self, not less than needed .
Time will always help you find your answers.

I find you so strong, stronger than I ever was, from inside where it counts. I do believe you will find all the...