Lessons learned from traveling for a year


Now that I’m home, everyone asks me one of two questions: where was your favourite place or what did you learn?


It’s too hard to pick just one city but my favourite place to be is always on the water so anywhere near water wins my heart.


As for what I learned, here are a few random thoughts:

(Note: the idea for this blog and many of the tips came from Anastasia Chapman, our fearless program leader – thanks Momma Stasia!  xo)


There’s nothing like a four-hour ferry ride to make new friends

Figure out the currency conversion before checking into a spa for the weekend

Always pack snacks


Make friends with someone who has access to the airport lounge 

Castle walls are slippery in the rain

Keep an extra deodorant stick in your backpack


A nap is always a good idea

Check the level of the tide before you go cliff jumping

Always hang on in the back of an open-air Jeep – you never know when you might fly over a sand dune


When eating street food, choose the stall with the longest...