Life in Bogota


The most interesting thing about Bogota is the weather. I’ve never lived in a city where the weather drastically changes, consistently, every day.


The mornings always start out hot and sunny (so I put on shorts), but the afternoon sees torrential rain showers (I come home drenched) and the evenings are freezing (need to buy a hoodie).


I know they say ‘dress in layers’ but really?! I’d need to carry around my entire suitcase to be prepared!


My apartment is modern with white leather couches and a fully stocked kitchen (yippee for blenders and morning smoothies again!) But the best thing about it is the location.


It’s only a block away from Parque El Virrey – a huge park with walking, running and biking paths, exercise equipment and children’s playgrounds. A small creek runs through the middle and large trees provide shade.


It’s become my favourite place to hang out – to go for walks every morning, to sit and journal or read, and to star gaze at night. Being in nature...