Why you win too when you realize someone else’s dream


Travelling for a year with 50+ people is an amazing experience. You always have someone to share adventures with but sometimes it’s nice to take off by yourself too. As I sat in my apartment in Colombia, I pulled up a map and looked at the options for my solo escape.


I didn’t want to backtrack, so I looked at neighboring countries. My options were Venezuela (too dangerous right now) or Ecuador (then I’d want to do the Galapagos or Amazon, both out of the budget at the moment). Looking north, there was Costa Rica but I’d already been there. My eyes landed on the country in between, Panama.


Yes, that is where I wanted to go!


As I talked to my mom about my plans, she reminded me that Granny always wanted to travel through the Panama Canal, and at 92 years old, probably wasn’t going to get to scratch that off her bucket list.


That sealed my plans – I was going to transition the Panama Canal for my Granny!


As I started my research, I was shocked to see most dates already sold...