5 Things I Like This Week: December 15


How cool is the outside of the Museo Soumaya?!

Where did this week go? First it felt like Monday was three days long, and then it felt like Friday came up fast. Time is weird. I have a lot of picks this week, but here are just a few! 

To Visit: The World of Tim Burton art exhibit (currently in CDMX)

They wouldn't let us take photos in the exhibit, but know that this exhibition has EVERYTHING. You don't need to have seen a Tim Burton movie to appreciate the surreal weirdness that leaks out of his mind. Do not sleep on this exhibit. 

To Read: "Cat Person" by Kristen Roupenian (The New Yorker)

Photo via The New Yorker

Cat Person went viral this week for good reason. It's the mini novella of a relationship between two people told in third person. When I send this to people, they enter thinking it's going to be another story of sexual assault. It may not be that explicit, but it's still about a form of sexism and the deep conditioning that convinces women to constantly placate men and...