Ah yes, preach!


Ah yes, preach! I have been on the road for 4+ years and it’s been wonderful (personally and professionally) but challenging.

There’s a constant tension between misconceptions and reality:

  • I’m on vacation (nope, rarely — other than major holidays, I think I’ve only taken a total of 10 days off in 4 years)
  • I’m supported by a fairy godmother (no, I am earning income to support myself — although I obviously am privileged in many ways)
  • Everything is so easy! (my lifestyle and freelancing career both require work, time, and effort)

Even with everything in the media about remote work and freelancing, it can still feel like an uphill battle to have to constantly explain how I work and that my priorities and deadlines are as real as anyone else’s.

My family and close friends are starting to finally understand (and maybe respect) the realities of my lifestyle — that I am not always (or ever) on vacation, that I do actually work, but also that my priority is NOT to work 30+ billable hours...