Leaders With Social Heart: Three Companies on a Mission to Better The World


At Squarespace, we take special pride in customers who are not only working to make their own dreams come true, but are also focused on making the world a better place. That’s why we’re honored to be partnering with professional creative network, The Dots, on their latest 10x10 project that celebrates 100 influential leaders who use their creative platforms to make a social impact.

As part of the initiative, we contributed ten brands that we admire to be included on this month’s list. Check out a few of the inspiring nominations below:

PARK Social Soccer Co.

PARK Social Soccer Co. makes league quality soccer balls in an effort to change lives, both on and off the field. Their mission? “To turn the world’s most beloved sport into the world’s most powerful catalyst for social impact.” It was with this goal in mind that they created the Pass-A-Ball Project, which has served 50,000 kids to date. When consumers buy a soccer ball from PARK, the organization donates an identical ball to a...