Last Time I’ll Celebrate New Year’s Eve


Back in November, I was reached out to by Women’s Health Magazine, asking if I’d be interested in contributing to a piece about New Year’s kisses. I actively hate NYE and avoid it at all costs, usually spending it outside of the country on a family vacation (that’s not a complaint, don’t worry). Last year we were in Thailand, the year before was Berlin, before that was Prague, you get the picture.

The last place I’d ever choose to be is NYC, but a notable one of my past NYE stories was from when I was living in Paris with my cute French boyfriend, and it had all of the potential to be the most romantic NYE ever but I obviously blew that one.  If  you so choose, you can read about it here: Women’s Health

Other than that, I haven’t had a New Years kiss since and this year wasn’t any different. It’s too soon for me to post about that, but let’s just say that I spent the first day of 2018 hungover AF on my couch, not even able to eat my pad thai, wondering why I thought it was a good...