A Pun About Ties (land)

Month ten of my journey brought me to Thailand. As I'm sure all my loyal readers (anybody? 👀 ) will remember, I already went to Thailand and wrote a whole post about that amazing trip. Thailand had been my favorite pre Remote Year trip in my entire 32 year old life and so naturally I was pretty psyched to go back as a 33 year old. This trip, however, I was going to the north....to Winterfell (sorry, thats a Game of Throne reference, but you already knew that cause you watch Game of Thrones). 

We rolled into the city of Chang Mai (Winterfell) on a Saturday (we roll into every new city on Saturday, so really this is completely irrelevant) and immediately got into the action with a Muy Thai fight. The members of the group fought each other in a Muy Thai match to the death.

I think we know who won this fight....it was me.

After I killed everyone in my group in the fight, I found a replacement group of people who all had the same names and looked exactly the same as my old group.

Along with...