Korea + Japan = Koran?

As my Remote Year journey neared its end, I had the realization that I wanted to continue traveling (😱I know, I was shocked too). I somehow got it in my head that I wanted to go to exactly two other places; Japan and Colombia. Why these two places? Great question. How can you truly know why anyone wants to do anything? What actually motivates a man in life to take action? In this case, I'm pretty sure I just heard that these were some great places to visit. So, my company graciously decided to let me spend another two months working remotely (yes I was actually working during this trip) and I planned my months in Japan and Colombia (just to note, don't spell it Columbia because that is a university in New York).

Members of my Remote Year group had all kinds of plans following the trip, but most involved some sort of travel before heading back home to join the rest of you in normal life...ugh. My friend Melissa, who lived in Korea for several years, was taking a group of people to...