The Spanish Inquisitors

If there's one thing you know about Sid Levin, its that he's bald. But if there's two things you know about Sid Levin, its that he has a sweet mustache. But if there's three.....ok I'm just gonna skip ahead because somewhere on this list of things to know about Sid Levin is the fact that he has always wanted to go to Spain. And since I, his son, happened to be in Europe, what better opportunity would there be to take a nice father-son trip?

Actually, he didn't just want to see Spain, he also wanted to see the Adriatic sea and the south of France (he's quite greedy). In the end, he flew into Split (Croatia), we hung out there for a few days, then few to Nice (France) rented a car and drove for ten days through southern France (France) and Spain (Spain).

I already talked about Split in my last post (which I'm sure you have read), so lets get right to France. We flew in on a Thursday. There was an electricity in the air that said, "Hi - I'm France". We rented a car at the airport and...