Wat is This Cambodian Place?

Going into my trip, if there was a place that I knew less about than Bolivia, it was Cambodia (but really I knew less about Bolivia). The other Asian countries which we visited all had something I knew about beforehand. Kuala Lumpur has those towers, Vietnam had that war and Thailand had those ping pong shows...I mean it had those beautiful beaches and nice people smiling all the time. But what did Cambodia have? (keep reading to find out).

I showed up in Phnom Penh (puh-nawm pen), the Cambodian capital, and went straight to a group lunch with an appetizer of tarantula.

The lime is really what brought out the tarantula flavor

Due to the Khmer Rouge (more about that later) starving millions of people and forcing them into hiding in the Cambodian jungles in the 1970s, tarantulas became a standard meal in Cambodia and they still remain so today.

Is he gonna do it?

And I ate one! Well I actually only ate the leg of one. It had the consistency of a crab leg, but was actually quite tasty with...