10 Easy Sustainable Hacks Every Responsible Traveler Should Know


Traveling long (or short) term can be difficult to navigate for many reasons. One of the biggest challenges is maintaining a natural, healthy and minimal waste lifestyle.

Travel size beauty products, chemical filled, unfamiliar products, tons of food waste due to moving around, plastic galore, disposable razors and tooth brushes; it can be complicated to use clean products and minimal waste when you’re on the go and traveling internationally.

Fear not though, you can still maintain a natural and minimal waste lifestyle even if you’re constantly on the go and in foreign countries. Here are my top ten natural beauty and sustainable hacks for any responsible traveler.

Don’t Forget the Re-Usable Water Bottle

You’ll notice very, very quickly when traveling that most places don’t just have drinkable tap water. While so many Airbnb’s are fitted with a water filter, you’ll need to research that before on, and not rely on this.

Over all, you’re most likely going to have...