2020 U.S. Election Guide: What Measures Across the Nation Will Affect Human Trafficking


This is a U.S. election year, so the biggest way we can participate now is by our vote. Local government and local laws have the biggest direct impact on our citizens. So how you vote and what you fund and support in your own state matters the most.

Local ballot measures matter, but it can be hard to know what they mean at face value. Measures are often designed to not only be persuasive, but to be confusing to help them pass.  When looking at each measure on your ballot it’s important to note the following:

  • Who wrote the measure and why?
  • Who supports and opposes it? Why?
  • Who are the primary donors? What do they gain from backing this measure?
  • What is the fine print? How is the bill going to achieve this and through what means?
  • How do the means and the goal of the bill affect marginalized people? Does it further marginalize them or help support them? 
  • Will it create other issues that aren’t obvious at face value, or maybe not intended? 

Human Trafficking and the U.S....