5 of The Best Cafes In Oaxaca For Digital Nomads


Oaxaca is one of those cities that evokes emotion just by hearing the name. So many beautiful images- and more importantly, flavors, come to mind. Oaxaca is the heart and soul of all things delicious and traditional when it comes to Mexican food. It’s also a photographer’s paradise and one can experience feelings of awe, fascination and child-like wonder when simply wandering the colorful and chaotic streets. While Oaxaca has attracted expats and tourists alike more than ever, there is one downside- the wifi. Finding the best cafes in Oaxaca that are actually work friendly? That’s tough. The downside of enjoying one of the most historic and cultural capitals of Mexico, is the lack of reliable modern conveniences. Here, that means wifi. 

To put it nicely, I’ve had better. To put it bluntly- spending two weeks working non-stop while visiting Oaxaca was a nightmare. Not one video call went uninterrupted. Several work days had full on outages at my apartment and the wifi in public...