8 Tips You Need To Be Successful At Working From Home


Working from home is a relatively new concept that is becoming more popular every day. Thanks to COVID-19, more employers are jumping on the remote work bandwagon than ever before. Hopefully this is a trend that is here to stay. 

The freedom and flexibility that comes from a remote work life is unparalleled. Most people tend to increase their productivity while minimizing the hours worked. This is great for all. While us digital nomads have been working remotely for awhile now, working from home or remotely can be tough for some at first. 

Working remotely is a learned skill. You may struggle with motivation and holding yourself accountable, but trust me, it gets easier. I can no longer imagine coming into an office every day, or being forced to work in one spot. After working remotely for two years, it’s become obvious that this shouldn’t be expected. Why do we need to go into an office for 8 hours a day? It’s a waste of everybody’s time and an outdated business and...