Can You Really Adapt to Other Cultures While Keeping Your Own?


It’s a strange thing as a digital nomad- after traveling for a certain amount of time you begin to feel like you belong no where. You never fully belong to any place you settle in, and as time passes, you feel like you don’t really belong to your own culture. It feels like you’re becoming some sort of cultural voyeurist- eagerly consuming other communities way of life but never really a part of them.

After a year of traveling, it’s become harder to figure out where I fit in. Settling down feels restrictive, but drifting from place to place, person to person, culture to culture definitely has it’s down sides as well.

I often talk about the concept of being grounded. Meaning, you feel solid, connected, whole and level- headed. But being grounded isn’t something you do, it’s more of something you feel. I often feel a permeating sense of anxiety or restlessness and I think part of this is because I’m not truly connected to anything. How I live part of my life doesn’t line up...