Croatia: A Few of my Favorite Things


Spending a month living in Split, Croatia was beautiful, relaxing and definitely challenging. We lived there during off season, so half the restaurants were closed for the season despite saying open on google, grocery stores/convenience stores closed by 8 pm and the chances of meeting any expats were extremely slim. However- you had all of the countries beauty to yourself. Below are some of my highlights from living in Split

View from the bell tower in Diocletian’s palace.

1. The Coast line:

Sounds extremely obvious if you do a quick google search of Croatia, but it’s all true- the coast is GORGEOUS. It reminds me of a warmer, calmer, and more sparkly version of Central/Northern California. The swims in this very salty sea were my saving grace all month.

Walking the palace walls in Dubrovnik.

2. The Palaces:

We all know at this point that Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia. That aside, in both Split and Dubrovnik you are literally living and hanging out inside...