Everything You Need To Know About About Cape Town’s Most Beautiful Wineries


There are few wine regions in the world comparable to those in Cape Town, South Africa. From the views, to the ambiance, to the wine, below are cape town’s most beautiful wineries and everything you need to know about visiting them. 

I’m from California, so I am no stranger to beautiful wineries. Nothing, however, holds a candle to the wineries of Cape Town, South Africa. Known for incredible wine, South Africa is also a stunningly beautiful place. If you’re planning to go wine tasting, this is your guide to Cape Town’s most beautiful wineries.

Cape Town is filled with numerous wineries and regions to explore. Your options are absolutely limitless. With so many great places, it can be hard to decide where to go wine tasting, and what is Cape Town’s most beautiful wineries.

While you can do wine tours, it’s super easy to visit on your own and create a customized wine tasting experience, without a guide. Most wineries are 30 minutes to several hours away from the main city...