Here’s What You Need to Know About California Firefighters Using Prison Labor


California fire season is in full swing, once again setting the state ablaze. Thousands of people have had to evacuate with fires claiming homes and lives while the headlines jump to cover this. Now, there is another issue we’re associating with California fire fighters: Prison Labor and COVID-19. California Firefighters using prison labor has made headlines before, but only in a few one off articles. Certainly never gaining the mainstream attention and international coverage that is happening right now. 

So why now? Maybe because people are realizing the reality of California firefighters using prison labor after their absence due to COVID-19. 

Why Does California Use Prison Labor to Fight Fires? 

California firefighters using prison labor began during in World War II. Vacant spots needed to be filled, and fast. They are not the only state doing this still. They do rely the heaviest on prison labor, and have the most fires, though. The official incentive for...