How to Enjoy Joshua Tree in the Age of the Pandemic


After road tripping around California, I can happily say that you can still enjoy Joshua Tree, safely, soundly, and respectfully during this pandemic.

Road trips have become all the rage in the United States this year, as most are too afraid to fly and/or not able to fly internationally. This means that campsites are flooded with people, and national parks have a new influx in crowds. Not all are responding to the pandemic in the same way, but Joshua Tree National Park is doing things right.

While most Americans are relying on road trips to stay sane and travel “safely,” you still need to exercise precautions. You can still get sick outdoors. Most people have the same idea as you, so your trip to nature will be filled with tons of people. The facilities have been used by many, and cleaning might not be very regular. The gas stations, restaurants and towns you pass through can be risky, and more importantly, you could easily spread the virus. It’s important that if you’re...