How to Travel Like a Local in Rome


Considering a trip to Italy? This article has just about everything you need to know about the famous capital of Rome. What to do, where to eat and drink and how to travel like a local in Rome. You may just blend in with the Italians if you follow these trusty tips. 

Ah Italy. While the jaw dropping coast line garners the most attention as of late, Rome is a city that deserves more credit these days. Dubbed as a tourist destination and not much else, many travelers flock elsewhere in Italy, but they are missing out. It’s easy to travel like a local in Rome and avoid the touristy hubbub if you do it right. 

 Rome has an extremely rich history, and with it, impeccable and intriguing culture and food. While places like Vatican City and the Colosseum may be a must, there is so much more to see and eat here than the tourist hot spots. Even if you only have a short trip, there are ways to explore and eat your way through Rome that are more authentic. 

New meets old meets ancient...