How Traveling Helped Fix My Biggest Body Image Issues


I’ve struggled with disordered eating and body image issues since I was twelve. I’m in a pretty great place with my food and my body now but I definitely still struggle and insecurities still linger. I am not alone in this. As a society, we have a very disordered relationship to food and our bodies, especially women. It’s hard to meet anyone who is fully comfortable or confident in their own skin as is. 

Despite doing some serious self work, my body size and habits greatly depended on my stress level. At least once a year I would fall into a pretty intense and dark place- my need for control and obsession with controlling my body taking me into less than healthy areas. The result would usually be a period of some weight gain with rapid weight loss and then stability until the cycle eventually began again. 

When I signed up to travel the world at the end of 2018, an opportunity that I was so privileged to have, I was excited but I was also nervous.

I was obsessed and...