Lisbon: A Few of My Favorite Things


Lisbon and Portugal blew me away (more on that coming). It’s hard to sum up my favorite things about the city in just 10 bullet points, but I’m going to try. 

1. Street Art

It’s everywhere. It covers the entire city, including all the historical monuments. Normally, I get kind of irritated by that but here it adds such a richness and feel to the city- you get an insight to the climate and culture of the people that have lived here and it ends up complimenting the extremely old and beautiful architecture. If you spend some time reading the street art you can really understand what the citizens of Lisbon are feeling and communicating, with many of these pieces resisting gentrification and tourism. Most of the murals in the city are commissioned pieces but tagging and doing your own art isn’t exactly illegal or at least not punished. 

2. Seafood

Bacahaul (dried and salted cod fish) is really their speciality here but fish is in everything. Coming from America it’s fascinating to...