Morocco: A Few of My Favorite Things


Come January, our new home became Marrakech. While I can’t earnestly say it was a spot I’d highly recommend living in, I would definitely encourage booking a trip. Marrakech was loud, chaotic, colorful and eccentric but the whole of Morocco was the real treat with many hidden gems and cities such as Chefchouen, Tangier and Essouiara. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. The Colors and Architecture:

This might seem cliche but Morocco is a photographers dream and as picturesque as you would imagine, particularly Chefchouen (aka the blue city). With gorgeous sunsets, unique architecture, colors everywhere and very intricate designs.

Learning how to prepare traditional Mint Tea in the Medina.

2. Mint Tea:

It’s delicious. It’s everywhere. Moroccans don’t exactly drink alcohol…at all. So mint tea, with more sugar per glass than anyone should consume in a week, is a staple with every meal. I have never had better mint leaves, not to mention their pouring skills were a work...