People of Lisbon: Ligia Gomes


When you meet Ligia, you can’t help but smile. What she lacks in stature she definitely makes up for with her powerhouse personality and energy. The 30 year old spitfire has resided in the heart of Lisbon for over 16 years, and currently works for Remote Year as a a member of their city team.

Ligia, along with her colleague Goncalo, runs the ground operations in Lisbon- managing everything from apartments, behind the scenes tasks, to city guides, to events and all general operations. 

Ligia is from a small coastal town in the Algarve, the south of Portugal. All of her family still resides there, and she tries to get back at least once a month. The Algarve region is about three hours from Lisbon, with a completely different vibe. Picture crystal blue, white sand beaches, jagged rocks that rival the California Coast and small little beach towns that may boom during the summer but remain relatively quiet during the rest of the year.

“I really do feel like tourism is a good...