Remote Year: One Month Reflection


It’s weird to think that I’ve been traveling for almost 2 months now, and almost all of that has been international.

It’s even weirder to think that I’ve been living in Lisbon for five weeks and it completely feels like home. So much so that the idea of moving to Croatia tomorrow fills me with anxiety, and leaves me a little bit sad. Leave Lisbon? But I just got comfortable.

Comfort. That’s my biggest attachment- it’s not that I’m resisting change it’s that I’m trying to find someway to get comfortable, whatever that looks like, and leaving each city the minute I feel settled is forcing me to unpack the notion of comfort in a way I never thought I’d be doing. 

“I miss Target. I miss driving, strangely. I miss modern showers. These everyday conveniences, or comforts, that just do not exist over here.”

Now that I’ve officially checked off month one on Remote year, there are some things I’m noticing- some surprising, some not.

I am most surprised by how easy it was for me to...