Six Months Abroad- What in the World am I Doing Here?


It’s been essentially six months since I left the U.S. to travel abroad for the firs time (for real travel, not Cabo or Cancun) and then embark on Remote Year. Currently I am sitting in my two bedroom apartment in Ha Noi, Vietnam with my shades pulled shut over the extremely strange windows in my room that look into my own hallway and someone else’s living room instead of the outdoors. The constant stream of honks and beeps from outside doesn’t even phase me anymore. What does phase me is the rat that has taken shelter in the walls above my bed, pitter pattering away throughout the night. It’s Sunday, almost 9 pm, and technically I am on the clock, but in the middle of my shift I find myself losing it with an overwhelming sensation of what the hell am I doing here?

In six months I have been to over 15 countries, on three different continents, and I have lived in 5 of these for a month each and some change. My camera roll evokes dread; filled with over 12,000 unbelievable images...