Staying Healthy While Traveling: What You Need to Pack


Traveling, be it for work, pleasure or necessity, uproots you from your routine and normal comforts. It can often be a stressor, both physically and mentally. One thing that people often complain about is how hard it is to stay fit or healthy while on the road. With long flights, long train or bus rides and less access to healthy foods and meals, I can understand the complaint.

However- there are many ways to combat this and not feel the effects of traveling on your health and body. While many essentials can be found in countries and cities across the world, there is some planning and some items you may want to consider stocking up on before you go:

1. Travel Blender

Breakfast is not my favorite meal. I religiously drink a smoothie every morning and that’s all I want. My favorite purchase by far was my portable, battery charged travel blender. Purchased on Amazon, less than 30 bucks, and it has truly come in handy.

I use it everyday and it gives my morning the...