Sweden: A Few of My Favorite Things


Although I noticed many differences that I wasn’t sure if I loved or hated, after two weeks in Sweden there were definitely many things I loved. Here are a few of my favorite things:

1. Subway Pre-parties:

The swedes definitely know how to party. I was shocked to discover however, that you can just drink openly on the subways and trains and no one will say anything as long as you’re behaving. The subway culture in general is such a thing they have a TV series just about the metro. Downside: I did have to dodge a huge thing of vomit when I got back on at four am, and in the morning it definitely smelt like last nights drunk McDonald’s. 

2. Kitchen Design: 

Most people know the Swedes have impeccable minimalist design but their kitchens take that to a whole new level. In the newer apartments you can’t tell the dishwasher from the garbage, they are all hidden together so that the counters and walls look like one cohesive setup. This was confusing at first when I couldn’t figure...