The Best Survival Guide for Vegetarian Food in Kyoto, Japan


Japan tops the bucket list of millions of people. It’s a fascinating country, filled with culture, tradition, and innovation. Not to mention- Japanese food. The food in Japan attracts well deserved attention. It is not, however, very vegetarian friendly. Vegetarian food in Kyoto is about as hard to come by as 100% gluten free food in Japan. Meaning- extremely difficult.

Fear not, though, because it is not impossible to eat vegetarian food in Kyoto. There are plenty of tasty and trendy options that don’t involve just a bowl of rice. 

Below is my ultimate survival guide for vegetarian food in Kyoto, Japan. If you use this guide, you should be able to enjoy your time in Kyoto without too much trouble. 

eating vegetarian food in Kyoto

Sakyo Ward:

Village Natural Food:

This vegan restaurant near Kyoto University is a gem. Here you can find large portions of traditional Japanese food, all served vegan style. This homey and rustic cafe is more rustic than it is hipster, filled with eclectic...