The Most Important Clean Beauty Swaps You Can Make Today


Clean Beauty is all the rage these days, which means every brand with a good marketing team is eager to label themselves clean and natural. That unfortunately doesn’t mean they necessarily are. As time has gone on, we’ve realized that slathering on chemicals daily on and in our bodies, shockingly isn’t good for them. With that, we’ve realized some solutions. While going fully natural can seem challenging or costly, there are some clean beauty swaps that are more important than others.

Clean beauty doesn’t have to be challenging or cause you to go broke. In fact, it should be simpler and easier than the alternatives. The cleaner the product, the more pure it is which means it’s probably filled with ingredients and products we already use or know.

Below are the most important clean beauty swaps you should make today. Both to help your health, and honestly, look and feel better while you’re at it.


This will always be number one. If you are still...