The Most Unique Places in Oregon That You Never Knew Existed


Oregon is a strange and fascinating state. There’s a reason that Portland’s motto became “Keep Portland Weird,” but that weirdness certainly extends to the rest of the state, in different ways. Like any place, there are unique and interesting things to do and see, and a diverse range of activities. However, the unique places in Oregon are somewhat baffling. 

There may be a plethora of stunning natural wonders, outdoor adventures abound, and good food, but this article is focused on the weirdly unique places in Oregon- not the pretty and normal.

Below are some of the wackiest, strangest things Oregon has to offer: 

wolf creek, Oregon

Wolf Creek 

This is a creepy ass town, I’m not going to lie. My dad sent me here because of the historically haunted Wolf Creek Inn, but we were genuinely really creeped out by the whole town. Wolf Creek is a very small town off the highway in Southern Oregon, in the middle of nowhere. 

This town is home to two of the most unique places...