Vietnam: My Top 10 Favorite Things


I lived in Vietnam for 5 weeks in February 2019, as part of my Remote Year journey. In 2020, I’ve been calling this country my home throughout the pandemic. These are some of my favorite things.

I was definitely nervous to get to Vietnam. As an American, we grow up with a polarizing image of this country, and our relationship to it, purely due to the Vietnam War.

I never learned much about Vietnam outside of this relatively brief yet politically intense time period of our history. So when I found out I’d be living in Hanoi for five weeks on Remote Year, I was mainly afraid that my presence would not be welcome. I was wrong.

During our month, we explored the whole freaking country and I had some of the most incredible experiences of my life. Flash forward to 2020, I returned to Vietnam for longer, and have now spent almost half the year here due to the pandemic.

While there are many stories to be told, and experiences to rave about, this article is simply a quick...