“What do you Like about America?”


Today I found myself in several 9th grade classrooms in Nykoping, Sweden. My best friend from University is an English Teacher here, and a native to Nykoping. This is my first stop on my journey and she wanted to bring me to her classrooms to give the students the experience of meeting and conversing with an American.

I was asked many questions by bright, bubbly, very articulate 15 year olds, who spoke ridiculously good English despite their protests of not knowing how. This was not like being in my 9th grade French class. Being in that school environment however, felt familiar on the surface, as did walking around the green and lovely town of Nykoping.

Some questions they asked were easy and required little to no thinking, but others stumped me at first, and many have made me pause. One of the most surprisingly difficult ones was:

“What is it like living in America? What do you like better, Sweden or America? 

I had no idea where to start. How does one accurately begin to...