Why You Need to See a Ladyboy Cabaret In Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thailand is known for many things. Temples, street food, gorgeous beaches…and ladyboys. One of the more popular attractions in Thailand is the ladyboy cabaret. This should be the top of your Thai nightlife bucket list.

In March 2019, we were based in Chiang Mai while on Remote Year and got to see a ladyboy cabaret. We were given a special Q and A with the performers about an hour before the show. This was an educational, enlightening and moving experience to the reality of life as a ladyboy in Thailand. 

While these shows are world class entertainment, they are also so much more than that. Before attending this show, I didn’t understand what a ladyboy really was. The popular depiction of ladyboys in the media is as drag queens, who are typically prostitutes.

You’d be hard pressed to see a comedy where the characters go to Thailand and there isn’t some encounter with a ladyboy prostitute. The lead male finds out this beautiful Thai goddess is actually a man, and...