Why You Need to Visit Buenos Aires: Your Ultimate Guide


This thriving metropolitan in South America attracts visitors near and far, with an increase of digital nomads and expats. If you’re planning to visit Buenos Aires, this guide will tell you what to do, where to eat, how to visit and everything in between.

Buenos Aires is one of those places that evokes one of two reactions: “I’m dying to go there,” or “Is it safe to go there?” I can assure you that the answer to the latter is yes, and that the former is correct. You need to visit Buenos Aires and let me tell you why, and be your ultimate guide.

So Is it Really Dangerous? 

To put you at ease, let me clarify the dangerous image that Buenos Aires has been given. Buenos Aires, like many countries, has had a tumultuous political history. Corrupt leadership and wars have done damage to its citizens and its reputation. That being said, I think we can all relate. 

Currently, the major issue that plagues Buenos Aires is the economic strife its people have had to endure because...