12 months as a pro photographer


12 months as a pro photographer: a look back at 2017

It’s fun and interesting to look back and view the images I create as a pro photographer in a year.

What follows is a collection of photographs from 2017, images I created both for business clients and for personal fun. What you will see is a real mixed bag. My business work focuses on specific subjects like food photography, architecture photography, corporate headshots and branding, and product photography. But my personal photography covers a broad range of subjects. I hope you enjoy this look back to 2017!


A view of False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia

False Creek, Vancouver, British Columbia, January 2017

It was a very cold and clear January morning when a photography friend and colleague invited me to join him on the shore at 6 am to capture the sunrise at False Creek. We were outdoors for about 3 hours clicking away, capturing the many nuances of the changing vista...