Introducing Barbara Cameron, Food & Travel Photographer


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Me on top of a mountain! | Barbara Cameron | Food & Travel Photographer

Introducing Barbara Cameron, Food & Travel Photographer

2018 is the year I, Barbara Cameron, make a big quantum leap and transition from freelance commercial photographer to global food & travel photographer and blogger. I am giddy with excitement and nerves! I’ve always dreamed of this and finally, now that I’m a grandma, I’m going for it!

Going For The Breakthrough

Yes, I am ready for a breakthrough! In his book titled “You2”, Price Pritchett talks about making a “…quantum leap. You become you2. Instead of accepting circumstances or being content with gradual improvement, you go for a breakthrough.”

Making a Quantum Leap

Pritchett goes on to say, “Quantum leaps require you to abandon the status quo. Instead of...