Is it Weird to Take Travel Photos of Walls?


Travel photos of walls – is it weird or not?

How many times have you seen a travel photographer standing close to a wall taking a photo of… well, just the wall?

It looks pretty weird, I know. And I know because I have giggled at my own photographer friends doing the very same thing. It’s a good thing they have thick skin and sense of humour because these travel photos of walls have caused a lot of giggles!

Recently I began looking through my travel photos from Europe and I started to see a pattern. Well, different patterns, or textures, I guess I should say.

In each location I visited during my European travels, I took quite a few photos of textures. Those texture photos came from standing in front of walls or doors. And they make some compelling photographs to use for telling stories in pictures.

What follows are some stories behind the travel photos of textured walls and doors I took while travelling through...