One Simple Way to Increase Your Credibility Online


What is Credibility?

Credibility means the quality of being trusted, of being convincing or believable.

When you present yourself and your brand to the world on social media platforms, the very first impression your future clients or employers get is from your profile image. Without even knowing it, those people judge your credibility in a swift second. One photo helps them decide if you are believable, or not.

Imagine You Are About To Launch a Business

You’ve got your startup product ready to launch. Check! You’ve perfected your pitch. Check! Now you’re ready to take it to the world.

But wait! Is that a selfie in your LinkedIn profile photo? What the heck? Where is your professional headshot?

Why Does a Professional Headshot Matter?

Portraying yourself as a surfer dude with a selfie on the beach works fine if you sell surfboards in an independent board shop by the beach. Sure, someone might see...